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LifeWave X39™ Patches

Contains (1) Sleeve with 30 Patches


Double-blind clinical studies have shown that LifeWave X39 patches increase levels of GHK-Cu in the body.*

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** LifeWave products have not been evaluated by any regulatory authority and are not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. The content provided herein is provided for informational purposes only. Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care providerbefore embarking on a new treatment, diet, health regimen, or fitness program. These patches are basedon the theory of phototherapy and are not proven based on conventional medicine standards and should not be used in place of medical care. 


The X39 Patches from LifeWave are here... and they're phenomenal.

If your body is ready to turn back the hands of time, then you’re ready for the X39.  The X39 stem cell patches utilize break-thru regenerative science to reactivate your stem cells and promote rapid healing throughout your body. If you’re ready to experience less pain, more energy, and incredible health benefits throughout your system – it’s time to try the X-39 from LifeWave.**

*…see below for links to published scientific studies and more research.

** LifeWave products have not been evaluated by any regulatory authority and are not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. The content provided herein is provided for informational purposes only. Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care providerbefore embarking on a new treatment, diet, health regimen, or fitness program. These patches are basedon the theory of phototherapy and are not proven based on conventional medicine standards and should not be used in place of medical care. 

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sleeve x339 patches from lifewave new

Contains (1) Sleeve with 30 Patches


Save OVER 30% off retail prices when you join as a new Preferred Customer

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A Comprehensive Guide to LifeWave's X39 Stem Cell Patches - Your Questions Answered.

Published Date:  January 13th, 2022
Last Updated:  August 22, 2022

What is the LifeWave X-39 Patch?

The LifeWave X39 patch is a breakthrough in regenerative science—the world’s first product to optimize our body’s restorative abilities by activating stem cells through our own light.

This drug-free, non-invasive nanotechnology taps into our body’s natural energy to enhance our health, wellness, beauty, and longevity.

The Latest in a Line of Phototherapy Products

Since 2004, LifeWave has been researching innovative ways to improve health and rejuvenate the body through cutting-edge technology. They have developed a line of phototherapy products, acquiring more than 70 global patents in the field of regenerative science.

In early 2019, they released the anti-aging patented phototherapy patch, the LifeWave X39 patch, which uses light therapy to activate, stimulate, and regenerate stem cells. Basically, LifeWave X39 patches reflect our own infrared light back into our bodies to stimulate healing.

Keep reading to find out how! 

Ready to experience the healing benefits of the X-39?

Can X39 Improve Your Sleep?

Better Sleep & Countless Other Benefits

Backed by research, clinical studies, and nearly 20 years of development, the X39 has been shown to provide a long list of health benefits. The use of X39 patches reduces inflammation in the body, provides rapid pain relief, and supports wound healing. Not only that, but it enhances physical performance, increases mental clarity, and clears up the appearance of skin and scar tissue. Our body recovers faster, we sleep better, and have more vital energy.

How? The X39 patches signal our brains to produce more of a naturally occurring complex called a copper peptide, which then activates our stem cells and enhances stem cell activity. This process keeps us feeling and looking younger, longer.

To learn more about stem cells, copper peptides and more, check out our FAQ section below.


How Does the LifeWave X-39 Patch Work?

Yes! The X39, along with all LifeWave patches, work through a form of phototherapy, or light therapy. Each type of patch has its own strength—IceWave is best for pain relief, Y-Age Aeon reduces stress and inflammation, Alavida regenerates skin, and the SP6 regulates appetites and cravings, to list but a few. As for the X39, it activates stem cells which resets our body’s ability to heal itself and act younger again.

Naturally, our bodies emit heat, known as electromagnetic or thermal radiation, in the form of infrared light. When we stick a LifeWave X39 patch onto the skin, the patch, embedded with an organic crystal, reflects the light waves of infrared light emitted from our body back into our skin tissue.

The Skin Launches a Cellular Reaction

Through the skin, the brain is stimulated and receives a signal to elevate a peptide known scientifically as GHK-Cu. This GHK-Cu, or copper peptide, is not only a super antioxidant, but it is also known to enhance stem cell repair and regeneration, leading to a younger, healthier state of being.

In other words, LifeWave X39 patches tap into the body’s natural flow of energy to begin healing itself on a cellular level.

Lifewave Acupuncture Light Frequencies

Lifewave Technology Based on Two Ancient Principles

According to official LifeWave documentation, the healing process initiated by X39 patches is based on two age-old healing principles: acupuncture and light frequency.

All LifeWave patches apply the benefits of acupuncture meridians by stimulating specific points in the body, not through the use of needles but through the body’s own light frequencies. When body heat reflects off the patch back into the body, these frequencies activate the same acupuncture points that have been used to balance the human flow of energy for thousands of years. 

A veritable technological breakthrough inspired by age-old medical wisdom and healing techniques.


How Do You Use The LifeWave X39 Patches?

All LifeWave patches are safe and easy to use. Simply apply the self-adhesive LifeWave X39 patch to clean, dry skin in the morning, or before going to bed, and leave it on for up to 12 hours. The patches cannot be reused, so discard them afterward.

For best long-term results, LifeWave suggests doing a 30 to 60-day treatment, with one day on and one day off. This pause between wears gives the body time to process and adapt to the surge of health benefits.

LifeWave X39 patches work best when combined with renowned acupuncture points, so for optimal effect, LifeWave suggests placing the patch directly below the navel, or at the back of the neck. You can also place it directly where you feel pain or have had an injury to stimulate GHK-Cu, the copper peptide known to enhance stem cells, in a local area. Many people say that they have felt immediate pain relief and improvement in their condition.

Note that it’s important to drink a lot of water while wearing the patches.

Do not use LifeWave patches on an open wound, or if you’re nursing or pregnant. If you’re uncertain about your health condition, please consult your doctor before using any alternative treatment.

Where Can You Wear X39 Stem Cell Patches

Where Do You Wear The X39?

The X39 stem cell patches can be worn three fingers’ below the navel or at the back of the neck between the head and shoulders. 

The LifeWave X39 patch is partly based on the principle of acupuncture, so some points channel the body’s natural flow better than others. However, X39 patches are completely safe so for local pain relief, they can be placed anywhere on the body where you feel pain or have had an injury. Just make sure your skin is clean and has no open wounds.

Rapid Pain Relief

If you’ve been suffering from painful hips or knees, for example, try placing a patch directly on the point where it hurts.

X39 patches are also used to increase sports performance, so before or after a serious workout, place a patch on your joints or stressed muscles for faster recovery from exercise.

For a greater boost, you can even put multiple patches around your body at one time. This has been known to activate your stem cells and enhance stem cell activity in one specific area, maximizing wound healing and recovery.

Do not place the patch on broken or damaged skin, and if you feel any irritation, remove the patch right away. 

Try Lifewave's X39 Stem Cell Patches, Risk-Free!

What are the benefits of the LifeWave X-39 patch?

The health benefits of using LifeWave X39 patches are impressive—and sometimes immediate.

Regenerative science focuses on anti-aging, and there are many rejuvenating solutions on the market today. Stem cell research, products, and procedures are on the rise. What makes LifeWave X39 stand out, however, is that it helps reset the body’s natural healing mechanism in a completely clean, non-invasive, and cost-effective way. No drugs, no surgery, no risk.

Backed by clinical trials and studies, and supported by countless customer testimonials, LifeWave X39 patches have proven to be highly beneficial in a long list of ways.

Feel Better All The Time

Overall, people using LifeWave products have experienced a significant surge in energy and vitality. Through this form of phototherapy, users have observed longer and deeper undisturbed sleep—and it’s no secret that the better you sleep, the better your life will be.

These patches have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation and bring the body back to a younger, healthier state. They elevate a peptide known to enhance stem cell activity, GHK-Cu, which supports wound healing and pain relief from long-term illness and injury.

Since 2004, LifeWave products and patches have been designed to elevate our lives and make us feel good about ourselves, inside and out. They have been proven to increase energy, enhance sports performance and help hasten recovery from exercise. Not only that, but visual testimonials have shown that for many, the latest LifeWave X39 patches have significantly improved skin appearance and removed the appearance of scars, and this, after just weeks of use.

Please take the time to research the list of LifeWave’s proprietary and patented products to find the one that works best for you. You’ll be impressed by all the customers’ testimonials.

Are there any side effects of the LifeWave X39 patch?

There are little-known side effects to using LifeWave patches, and in fact, users tend to experience rapid positive results. In some cases, users have reported occasional itchiness where a patch has been placed, a problem solved by removing the patch. 

But, other than itchiness, side effect reports are few and far between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stem cells are the natural building blocks for our organs, tissues, blood, and immune system. They are also major players in our internal repair process, the only cells able to produce and replenish newer, healthier cells—ones that help the body heal itself.


By the time we're 35 years old, however, stem cells have cut their activity back by 50%. By the time we’re 60, they only function at 10% of what they used to. This explains why we feel more tired as we age and are unable to heal ourselves as quickly as before.

Our skin, nerves, blood, muscles, bones, and fat are all made up of very specific cells with very specific functions. For instance, nerve cells exist to send signals, skin cells protect the body, and muscle cells contract. Their roles were decided when the cells were in their embryo state, and these cells will never work at anything else.


Stem cells, on the other hand, have the ability to become all kinds of other cells in the body. They replace tired, depleted cells when they die and maintain a healthy balance in the body, a self-regulating process known as homeostasis.

According to the Britannica encyclopedia definition, “Homeostasis is any self-regulating process by which an organism tends to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are best for its survival. If homeostasis is successful, life continues; if it’s unsuccessful, it results in a disaster or death of the organism. The ‘stability’ that the organism reaches is rarely around an exact point (such as the idealized human body temperature of 37 °C [98.6 °F]). Stability takes place as part of a dynamic equilibrium, which can be thought of as a cloud of values within a tight range in which continuous change occurs. The result is that relatively uniform conditions prevail.”


Several factors, or variables, are involved in maintaining homeostasis in the human body: core temperature, arterial blood pressure, blood glucose and blood pH, the levels of blood gasses and blood oxygen content, iron and calcium levels, copper regulation, sodium and potassium concentrations, fluid and energy balance, cerebrospinal fluid, neurotransmission, neuroendocrine system, gene regulation…  

Copper peptides are super antioxidants produced by our bodies in the form of plasma to repair tissue. By the age of 60, however, our natural levels of copper peptides have gone down by more than half. Since our body no longer repairs itself as it used to, we can feel worn out, more tired, and sluggish.


In 1973, however, young biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart discovered a human tripeptide with an affinity for binding to copper in the body, GHK (Glycyl-L-Histidyl-L-Lysine). Dr. Pickart’s extensive research showed that this naturally occurring copper peptide, or GHK-Cu, was able to reverse our cells’ aging process.


Today we also know that an increase in copper peptides, or GHK-Cu, not only restores our genes to a younger state, but it also promotes wound healing and attracts healthy immune cells. It promotes the growth of blood vessels and helps regenerate collagen and elastin. This is why copper peptides have recently become a sought-after ingredient in skin and hair care products.


When using LifeWave X39 patches, copper peptides are elevated in the bloodstream, helping to reverse our cells’ aging process. With younger cells, we heal faster and feel more energetic. 

Peptides are similar to proteins, but they are smaller and often easier to assimilate. Both peptides and proteins are considered to be the body’s basic building blocks, though peptides are shorter strings of amino acids, or molecules needed to make proteins. 


Peptides have several valuable functions. Notably, they are communication devices used by the body to initiate important chemical processes like stem cell activation, antioxidant production, and inflammation control.

According to, “Phototherapy is a medical treatment in which natural or artificial light is used to improve a health condition. Treatment could involve fluorescent light bulbs, halogen lights, sunlight, or light emitting diodes (LEDs).


Phototherapy is also known as light therapy and heliotherapy. Which type of therapy you need and how the light is used can vary depending on if the phototherapy is for eczema, psoriasis, or other health conditions.”

Light therapy works by directing specific wavelengths of light, sometimes from different light sources, to get a desired response from the body. 


Let’s take the sun, our greatest source of light, as an example. When sun rays touch the skin, the frequencies of the sun’s ultraviolet light activate the cholesterol in our skin. This cholesterol is then chemically transformed into essential vitamin D. The sun itself does not contain vitamin D—it is the sun’s specific frequency that stimulates our bodies to produce it.


In phototherapy, stimulating the skin with visible or non-visible ultraviolet light causes chemical reactions in the body that can treat a number of conditions, including skin cancers, acne, fatigue, and Parkinson’s disease, to name just a few.

The website explains this well. “Photobiomodulation is a form of light therapy. It uses harmless forms of light sources such as low level lasers, LEDs and broad-band light sources including incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lights. 


It does not work by heat. It works because our cells contain ‘chromophores’ which literally absorb light. Once the light is absorbed, it sets off a complex group of physical and chemical reactions within the cell. These reactions can and do extend to cells that have not even been exposed to the light.


All the effects of this process have so far been positive and beneficial. Just a few of the beneficial effects include: alleviation of pain, alleviation of inflammation, stimulating the immune system, wound healing, and tissue regeneration.”

David Schmidt is the creator of the LifeWave X39 Patches and has an impressive background, with over 30 years of experience developing groundbreaking products that solve difficult problems. He’s worked on projects involving combustion rocket engines, bladeless turbine generators, and new ways of producing oxygen and hydrogen, to name but a few. He’s a brilliant man, to say the least.


Schmidt was inspired to launch LifeWave while researching non-invasive, phototherapy methods that would give military personnel more stamina and energy. His long history in innovative technologies earned the CEO and Founder of LifeWave an honorary doctorate from the International Hall of Fame of Inventors. 


The entrepreneurial inventor has a clear passion for age reversal, and believes that regenerative science is the human way forward. 

You can rest easy because all new customer orders come with a 90-day money back guarantee.  

90 Day Moneyback


The following scientific studies are journals can be difficult to understand for non-professionals.  However, I’d encourage you to read and perform your own research on the power of GHK-Cu & the X39 patch.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here for a same-day response.