Are you ready to become a LifeWave distributor?

The LifeWave mission is clear: to share products with the world that enhance health, wellness, beauty, and longevity. Now, is this a mission you’re ready to stand behind?

If so, the LifeWave compensation plan offers an exciting opportunity to create long-term income, including residual income, for people who are ready to become committed business builders. By promoting LifeWave products and sharing their unsurpassable health benefits with those around you, you are not only helping people regain their vitality—you’re also making money. Some LifeWave distributors consider this to be a fun hobby and an extra money-making activity, while others claim to have finally found their true life’s passion.


A long list of benefits

LifeWave’s star product, the LifeWave X39 patch, was launched in 2019 and has become a major player in the stem cell revolution. A veritable breakthrough, X39 patches are the world’s first product to optimize our body’s restorative abilities by elevating a copper peptide proven to activate stem cells. In other words, these patches tap into our body’s natural energy to help us heal ourselves by harnessing our own light. No drugs, no medical procedures, no risks.

Even better: the X39 patches, along with LifeWave’s other groundbreaking phototherapy patches, are affordable and easily accessible, with positive results that can be felt almost immediately. Alternative medicine has proven to help people—these days, isn’t that what everyone’s looking for?

LifeWave X39 patch reflects

Join the LifeWave revolution

LifeWave products have been life-changing for both their users and distributors. They’ve helped thousands all over the world regain their health and vitality, and allowed others to make an income by marketing and selling products they believe in.  Members can even build residual income based on how their own personally sponsored members share the LifeWave story. Ready to join the revolution?

Well-established in the network marketing industry, LifeWave’s business distribution model has helped eager entrepreneurs worldwide make a valuable and vital difference in people’s lives. LifeWave distributors are taking part in the rapidly-growing stem cell revolution by sharing products that are affordable, safe, non-invasive, and drug-free. Not only that, but LifeWave’s cutting-edge science has no direct competition.

No direct competition

No direct competition

For everyone involved, this means immediate results and immediate benefits—plus a possible source of income that could become an excellent way to make money. It’s no wonder more and more people want to take part in the LifeWave revolution!

According to LifeWave Founder, CEO, and Researcher, David Schmidt, “We’re bringing regenerative science to everyone, and we’re doing it safely, inexpensively, and with extraordinary benefits. This is why we have such an advantage in the marketplace and what makes our opportunity for our business builders so enormous.”

So how can you, too, become a LifeWave member and business builder? Below, we’ve answered all the questions you may have before deciding to join the LifeWave family. And if there’s anything we haven’t answered, please feel free to reach out to us here.

become a LifeWave distributor

How can I become a LifeWave distributor

If you’re ready to promote a healthy lifestyle and help others feel more alive, then LifeWave may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Becoming an independent LifeWave distributor is easy. Simply follow the link you were given by the distributor you’re signing up under.

Start the process here.

independent LifeWave distributor

What are the advantages of becoming an independent LifeWave distributor

The main advantage of becoming a LifeWave distributor is the personal satisfaction you get from knowing you’re helping others gain vitality and improve their health in a number of ways.

On another note, active distributors, or members with an active status, can also benefit from some of the highest commission payouts in all of network marketing. The LifeWave Compensation Plan is as innovative as its products, combining the best of other network marketing plans to provide an exceptional opportunity for both immediate and long-term income, including long-term residual income.

You’re only required to build two teams, or legs, which refers to the people you personally enroll in the program. LifeWave gives you points on your volume totals—both from personal and business volumes generated—no matter who drives the sales or how deep in the organization it comes from.

This LifeWave compensation plan has unlimited depth potential for distributors to make a life-changing difference in both their own lives and those of their customers.

LifeWave distributors expect

What can LifeWave distributors expect?

From the time you purchase your enrollment kit, LifeWave offers a full range of support, and this, in several languages. All LifeWave members benefit from responsive customer service, innovative marketing solutions, comprehensive training videos, regular webinars, order fulfillment, an online back office, their own LifeWave replicated site, and more.

When you become an independent LifeWave distributor, you’ll find help and support available every step of the way. So why not live your best life and join a supportive community that encourages wellness and wealth?

earn income immediately

Can I earn income immediately?

Through its retail sales plan, LifeWave offers two ways to quickly earn income.

First, you can purchase products at wholesale prices and then sell them at the usual retail prices directly to your customers. Your customers could also order products at retail prices straight from your very own LifeWave replicated website, after which you receive the retail profits automatically.

Then, when you personally introduce a new member, you can begin to earn bonuses based on their actions, too.

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What is network marketing?

According to Investopedia, “Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. A network marketing business may require you to build a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and closing sales.”

LifeWave enrollment package

What is the LifeWave enrollment package?

There are several LifeWave enrollment packages, ranging from the basic starter kit to the platinum and diamond selection. All six packages include wholesale pricing on products, a free membership website with training and commission tracking, the potential to earn weekly commissions, and unlimited business volume from personally enrolled members down the line. Platinum and diamond members benefit from greater product volume, and diamond members have even more extra advantages.

Better still, every member has the opportunity to obtain an upgrade bonus, a product introduction bonus, and matching bonuses—not to mention earn more when they personally enroll other distributors.

Find out more about LifeWave’s enrollment kits here.

commissions and bonuses

What about commissions and bonuses?

LifeWave has one of the most enticing reward plans out there.

The company pays commission in five different ways and supports a feature called compound marketing, which keeps continuous tabs on your previous work and rewards you based on your accomplishments and those of your personally sponsored members. It takes into account everyone’s purchases and the volume generated to calculate your bonus amount.

Your rewards and commissions depend on if you’re a Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member. Membership plans are based on a binary structure, so you also earn binary commissions. Read more about binary structures in general.

You can also begin to earn long-term residual income whenever you introduce LifeWave to any new distributor who purchases an enrollment kit. What’s more, you’ll receive Product Introduction Bonuses (PIB) whenever your personally enrolled member purchases an upgrade kit to boost their inventory levels and build their business. Your bonus paid is the difference in price between the two packages.

For all the details about new members’ enrollment pricing, product introduction bonuses, matching bonuses, binary commissions earned, and more, please consult the information here.

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What are the different distributor ranks and commission qualifications?

LifeWave distinguishes its distributors depending on their enrollment title, product volume, and sponsored distributors. As in all organizations, there are people on the lower rank and those on the higher rank.

Those who are just beginning their journey at LifeWave begin as Managers, then move their way up to Director, Senior Director, Executive Director, Presidential Director, and finally, Senior Presidential Director. Of course it takes time and dedication to make it this far, but when you know you’re helping countless people along the way, the work comes more easily.

First, second, and third level matching bonus commissions also exist depending on product volume. Please refer to this pdf for all the relevant details.

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Is there a guarantee that I’ll make money selling LifeWave products?

No, there is no guarantee that you will earn money working in or with the LifeWave compensation plan. Your earning potential is entirely dependent on the way you use LifeWave products and ideas.

successful independent LifeWave distributor

How can I be a successful independent LifeWave distributor?

As in any network marketing endeavor, your level of success depends on the time you devote to the program, your finances, and the knowledge and various skills that you gain. In other words, if you don’t put in any effort, you won’t see any results.

The same is true for the opposite. If you put in the effort to get to know the products and share LifeWave’s health improvement benefits with all the people you know, you’re very likely to see positive results that lead to retail profits, not to mention a whole slew of bonuses. And once people try LifeWave products, they’re bound to feel better about themselves and want to join the revolution, too.

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Can I get free LifeWave products?

Yes, you can!

Retail and preferred customers can share groundbreaking products with their families and friends through LifeWave’s Free Product Program (FPP).

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How can I qualify for the Free Product Program?

To qualify for at least one free product in this program, our committed business builders need to refer at least two new customers who purchase LifeWave products in one calendar month.

Find out all the details about the Free Product Program here.

become a distributor

What if I’m not ready to become a distributor?

That’s okay, take your time. Get to know all the LifeWave products and potential business opportunities before making the decision to become a new member.

You can still benefit from special pricing without being a distributor through LifeWave’s Preferred Customer program.

This powerful incentive allows both long-term and new retail customers to get a taste of the financial advantages of becoming a LifeWave distributor—an exceptional opportunity to get to know the products as well as the potential income you could be making each month.

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How does the Preferred Customer program work?

Any customer with an automatic monthly or bi-monthly order (also known as an active autoship) is considered a LifeWave Preferred Customer, and this, for as long as they have an active autoship.

When you go to to purchase a product, you’ll see two different pricing options: one for retail customers who want to make a one-time purchase, and one for preferred customers who have an autoship or would like to set one up. Those with an autoship benefit from special pricing, which makes a big difference in the long run.

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Ready to find out more?

For wholesale product pricing and retail profit, please check out the lists here.

For more information on compensation plan enhancements, including explanations of weekly binary commissions, maximum payouts, enrollment titles, and qualifications for paid-as rank, please refer to this pdf.

For a complete guide to LifeWave’s policies and procedures, please take the time to read this document.