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Upcoming Product Launch: LifeWave Releases New Aromatherapy Mists

Published Date:  Sept 2, 2022
Last Updated:  April 17, 2023

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    Shine Bright, Dream Big, Make the Most of Your Life

    Shine bright, dream big. That’s what LifeWave’s new aromatherapy mists encourage us to do. 

    On August 19, 2022, LifeWave Founder and CEO David Schmidt introduced two new wellness products: Shine and Dream aromatherapy mists. These light, luscious sprays, which either energize or calm the mind and body, are the ideal complement to the company’s existing line of products, notably the revolutionary X39 and X49 phototherapy patches. 

    To enhance the quality and delivery of the mists, both Shine and Dream use a perfected version of LifeWave’s energized, structured water as their base. Each mist boasts a blend of natural herbs and essential oils that balance hormones for both women and men. You’ll find lists of all the ingredients below.

    Ancient wisdom for modern times

    Much like LifeWave’s phototherapy patches incorporate the ancient wisdom of light therapy,  acupressure points, and the body’s natural flow and meridians, these new aromatherapy mists rely on thousand-year-old knowledge of plant-based remedies and herbal healing essences.

    To inspire us to make the most of our days—and our nights—let’s find out a bit more about these two unique mists.

    Shine, a Revitalizing Daytime Mist

    Do you wake up with a boost of energy every morning? Ready to take on the world? Apparently, most people don’t. According to research, only 1 in 7 Americans wakes up feeling refreshed every morning. Nearly half of those who sleep 7-8 hours a night claim to feel tired—exhausted even—up to 3 mornings a week. What can we do?

    If you’re one of those people dragging their feet in the morning, then LifeWave’s Shine aromatherapy mist may be just the boost you need to start your day off right. Shine’s blend of natural herbs and essential oils provides an invigorating scent that awakens your senses and creates a feeling of overall well-being. The natural oils and herbs have been embedded into a proprietary energized and structured water, for quick, healthy results.

    Shine improves focus and clarity, and can even be used pre-workout to gain a surge of physical energy and drive. 

    How to use Shine aromatherapy mist

    Simply spray it on your wrist, then smell and inhale 7-8 times. The delightful aroma goes directly into the bloodstream, creating an immediate sensation of pleasure and well-being. 

    The combination of natural herbs and essential oils has been shown to balance hormones and improve overall health, including stem cell health, which makes them an excellent support for LifeWave’s X39 and X49 patches. 

    What’s in Shine? 

    The ingredients in LifeWave’s Shine aromatherapy mist have been highly researched and selected for their proven powers to elevate the mood, improve clarity, and provide a sense of natural joy and well-being. 

    Shine ingredients include: 

    – pine pollen extract, a natural source of phytoandrogens

    tongkat ali extract, a root from Malaysia that has great hormonal benefits for both women and men 

    – polyrhachis extract, a natural growth hormone that promotes nitric oxide

    – pine essential oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties

    – blue spruce essential oil, to reduce muscle tension

    – ginger essential oil, a natural aphrodisiac that also reduces anxiety

    – sage essential oil, to balance estrogen levels

    Dream, a Relaxing Spray for Night

    Is it as difficult for you to fall asleep as it is to get up in the morning? You’re not alone. Research on more than 11,000 adults in 12 countries showed that over 60% of them feel that they could be sleeping better when they go to bed at night. Even worse, 37% of those interviewed say they have experienced insomnia.

    If you’re tired of being tired and unable to sleep, maybe it’s time you try Dream aromatherapy mist, a natural blend of soothing ingredients that encourages feelings of peace and relaxation. This mist elevates dopamine levels, that feel-good hormone that can help us unwind and ease into the night. Create the zen-like environment you need for an optimal bedtime routine and deep sleep. 

    How to use Dream aromatherapy mist

    Dream is incredibly easy to use: simply spray it on your wrist then smell and inhale half a dozen times. The aroma goes directly into the bloodstream, producing an immediate feeling of peace and tranquility.

    Spray Dream aromatherapy mist 10 minutes or so before getting to bed. It’s also a great complement to LifeWave’s Silent Nights, Alavida, and Y-Age Aeon phototherapy patches

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    What’s in Dream?

    LifeWave’s Dream aromatherapy mist has been carefully researched to include only the best natural ingredients that encourage sleep and well-being.

    Dream ingredients include: 

    pine pollen extract, a natural source of phytoandrogens

    – tongkat ali extract, a root from Malaysia that has great hormonal benefits for both women and men 

    – mucuna pruriens, a source of dopamine that nourishes the nervous system, supports healthy sexual energy, and strengthens and tones the reproductive organs

    – pine essential oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties

    – jasmine essential oil, which elevates oxytocin

    – lavender essential oil, to reduce stress and improve sleep

    – clary sage essential oil, to support relaxation

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    The Story of the Truffle Pig

    During his introductory speech, David Schmidt told the story of how he and his team had been inspired by ‘truffle hogs’ to create their new aromatherapy mists, Shine and Dream.

    Since the glory days of the Romans, pigs have been used to sniff out truffles and can sometimes do so when the rare fungi are up to three feet underground. When researching why these truffle hogs were so effective at tracking down truffles, it turns out that truffles produce a kind of testosterone that acts as an aphrodisiac that attracts pigs. In other words, the mere scent of truffles makes pigs feel so good that they’re excited to hunt and dig for them. 

    Realizing that smell plays an important role in our well-being, Schmidt and his team began researching how they could naturally replicate the happiness pigs felt by sniffing truffles—without the use of expensive fungi, of course. And how could they ensure that both men’s and women’s health benefited from this olfactory pleasure? The results lie in LifeWave’s new Shine and Dream aromatherapy mists.

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    About LifeWave

    For nearly two decades, David Schmidt and his team of top researchers at LifeWave have been experimenting with ways to help people feel better about their health—and about themselves in general. 

    LifeWave released its first revolutionary phototherapy patches back in 2004, and these Energy Enhancer patches quickly showed groundbreaking results. Users, including a number of top-level athletes, felt a significant increase in endurance and vitality. 

    Read more about LifeWave’s Energy Enhancer patches here. 

    Since then, LifeWave has developed a line of a dozen light therapy patches designed to treat a long list of ailments and rejuvenate the body by balancing our own natural healing abilities. In 2019, the company’s star product, the LifeWave X39 patch, took phototherapy to the next level. 

    X39 stimulates the skin to elevate a copper peptide, GHK-Cu, that helps regenerate and mobilize stem cells—our body’s natural building blocks and internal healing mechanism. Using our body’s own reflection, X39 patches reset our cells so they behave like younger cells, thus improving our overall well-being. Our vital energy flows more easily so we feel better and younger, faster, longer. 

    LifeWave’s new aromatherapy mists were designed to complement the X39 and other patches, so we can enjoy life even more. Shine and Dream mists are scheduled for pre-launch in the United States and European Union in November 2022, and will be available to the rest of the world in January 2023. We’re very excited to try them!

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    Things we shouldn’t say, but…

    In his same introductory speech, Schmidt revealed some insider information on LifeWave’s new aromatherapy mists. These details have not been officially declared, but we thought we’d share them with you anyway.

    During LifeWave’s clinical trials, Schmidt’s team of researchers noticed that the complex combinations used for Shine and Dream elevated growth hormones, supported strength and stamina, and increased a feeling of youth and vitality in almost everyone involved in the trials. Within three weeks, people with extra pounds had a significant reduction in body fat, and men’s levels of testosterone grew in as little as three days. Not only that, but for both men and women, these new mists were shown to increase levels of oxytocin, that precious love hormone that makes us feel so good. Now, wouldn’t we all love some of that…